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How to Ask for a Comission :

  • To ask for a comission be sure you read everything on the [TOS] and [PRICE LIST] pages before contacting me! Use the menu above to see those pages!
  • To contact me you can either send me a DM on [Twitter] or [E-mail me!]
  • If we both agree on the deal, I'll send you a Paypal Invoice or payment link, and as soon as I receive the payment I'll start working on my comission as soon as possible!
  • Keep in mind that different styles of art will require different amounts of time to be done!
  • If you have any questions, please do not be affraid to ask!

   What I will draw :

  • Animals [Feral and Anthro]
  • Humans/Humanoids
  • Fantasy creatures [Pokémon and Digimon included]
  • Original Characters
  • Fanart (OCxCanon pairings too!)

   What I won't draw :

  • Complicated Mechas/Robots
  • Vehicles
  • Realism or other people's styles
  • Offensive/Hateful content
  • Heavy Gore (Ask me if unsure)
  • NSFW Content
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