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Terms of Service

Make sure you read everything in this page before asking for your comission!

  • I only accept PayPal as a payment method from outside the country.

  • I live in Brazil, so brazilians can pay using Bank Transfer.

  • Payment is upfront. I will request your email address and send you an invoice via PayPal!

  • If you need more time to pay for your commission, make sure to tell me. If it takes too long, I'll take your request out of my to-do list and consider it cancelled.

  • I will always send sketch previews.

  • All comissions will be done by digital media unless stated otherwise.

  • More complicated characters will cost more - If you are wondering if your character is complicated or not, feel free to ask me before we start!

  • You can ask for a commission of a character that is not yours, as long as you have permission to, or it's a fandom character. I also do make custom designs, for an extra cost.

  • Commissioners may display their commissioned work on their accounts, use them as icons, print them out (for personal, non-commercial use), etc with proper credit. If you are not the original commissioner of a piece you are NOT allowed to use commissioned art in any way.

  • I reserve the right to display commissioned pieces on my website/DeviantART/FurAffinity gallery. If it is of your original character, you will be credited. Let me know if you don't want me to upload the image!

  • If you have a deadline, such as a holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc, tell me. Otherwise there will not be a set deadline. Additional fees may be given.

  • Comission requests may be declined for personal reasons.

  • If you want to cancel a commission before work has begun, a full refund is possible.

  • If you want to change a commission before work has begun, there will be no need for extra payment, unless you upgrade your request.

  • Minor changes (such as sketch changes and minor lineart and color edits) can be done for free, major changes that are requested after the piece is fully or close to finished will require an additional cost.

  • If you do not want me to submit your comission to any of my online galleries, ask me! I'll keep it private!

  • Once your comission is done, I'll privately send you the full quality version, and post it online (if you allow it) to one of my online galleries.


If you have any more questions, ask me! I'll gladly answer everything!

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